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to the best version of yourself ...

what is
evolutive HYPNOsis?

It is an innovative approach, based on both neuroscience and spirituality. which uses life's challenges as springboards for personal growth.


Evolutive hypnosis works from an evolutionary perspective. With this approach, it is therefore not a question of eliminating difficulties, but rather of transforming them into opportunities to grow, to become freer, to go beyond your limits ... to evolve towards the greatest version of yourself.


In evolutive hypnosis, change is made in an increased state of consciousness, without dissociation between the conscious and the unconscious, which we have in Ericksonian hypnosis for example. In evolutive hypnosis, the therapist is there to guide you, set a safe, comfortable environment and you play an active role. You travel in your imagination, as if you were in the middle of a dream. Yet, you are awakened inside your dream and you act. You connect to your difficulties and you set new intentions. You are the creator of the changes you want to make in your life.


spirituality And evolutive hypnosis

In evolutive hypnosis, spirituality refers to everything that is beyond the material, the visible. In yoga, we call it the subtle.


There is no notion of dogma, but we assume that there is something beyond us, and you can choose to call it higher consciousness, soul or intuition ...


In evolutive hypnosis, we start from the principle that difficulties have a meaning in your journey, it is therefore a question of welcoming them and transforming them into learning to evolve.

evolutive hypnosis
for what challenges?

Price: 1 hour session / $ 105 (taxes included)


Self-esteem / Life mission / Release fears / Full potential / Self-knowledge / Develop your intuition / Dare to be, to shine ...

Whether it takes place in an individual session or in a workshop, hypnosis cannot be practiced on people suffering from or having suffered from schizophrenia or psychosis.
Thank you for your understanding!
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