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towards a liberating change

what is

Hypnotherapy is a short therapy, ideal for facilitating change, whatever your challenge is.


Hypnosis practiced in hypnotherapy has nothing to do with show hypnosis. It is completely safe, since the hypnotic suggestions made must be in accordance with the unconscious of the hypnotized person. This technique essentially aims to help you change behaviors, reflexes, or lifestyle habits, simply by getting rid of certain blockages and by connecting to your inner strengths.


Several hypnosis techniques exist to meet your specific needs :


• Visualization

• Hypnotic suggestions or metaphors

• Positive reinforcement ...

what is it like to be in hypnosis ?

Hypnosis is a state of relaxation in which the mind is more receptive to suggestions. It is a different state of consciousness or perception that you experience everyday in your daily life: when you are dreaming awake, when you let yourself go while listening to music, when you temporarily lose track of time behind the wheel of a car or, quite simply, when you are “on the moon”.

spirituality And evolutive hypnosis

In evolutive hypnosis, spirituality refers to everything that is beyond the material, the visible. In yoga, we call it the subtle.


There is no notion of dogma, but we assume that there is something beyond us, and you can choose to call it higher consciousness, soul or intuition ...


In evolutive hypnosis, we start from the principle that difficulties have a meaning in your journey, it is therefore a question of welcoming them and transforming them into learning to evolve.

Some examples of what you can work in hypnotherapy:

Stress / Phobia / Insomnia / Addictions / Anxiety / Burn out / Depression / Panic attacks / Chronic pain / Bruxism / Self-confidence / Self-esteem / Learning / Mourning / Birth support…

Price: $ 105 / session (taxes included)

or tax
Whether in an individual session or in a workshop, hypnosis cannot be practiced on people suffering from or having suffered from schizophrenia or psychosis.
Thank you for your understanding!

Benoît - 32 ans

“Je tenais à vous remercier.

L'atelier Je me libère du stress était une très belle expérience, votre voix apaise et vos paroles font du bien! Un grand merci !”

Marie-France - 56 ans

“J’ai arrêté de fumer en 2 séances seulement. Je n’aurais jamais pensé que ce soit aussi facile.

Un grand merci, Laurence!”​

Coraline - 47 ans

Merci pour la séance d'hier. 

Je suis pleine de bonne humeur et de motivation aujourd'hui... Ça fait du bien :)

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