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Unite with oneself

regression  to past lives:

This type of regression, the details of which you will remember (because you remain aware), involves exploring past life events that influence your present life. These events can prove to be the key to understanding emotional, behavioral or relationship problems that have remained misunderstood until now. You can use this approach if you want to:


  •   Understand certain recurring situations in your current life (for example, why do I tend to approach this kind of person?)

  •   Free you from certain fears or resolve everyday issues (e.g. why do I feel anxious when I have to speak in public?)

  •   Access certain knowledge in order to help you progress as a soul.

This type of hypnosis is for everyone - it is not a “show” hypnosis but a way to connect with your higher consciousness. The goal of this process is to provide you with information, feelings and emotions that will help you progress in your spiritual evolution.  

regression  to between lives:

The between-lifes is the spiritual universe where our soul resides between the incarnations. An exploration of the inter-lifespan can help you:

  • Evolve and grow in consciousness

  • Give meaning to your life, identify the overall purpose of your existence, reconnect with your life mission

  • Reconnect with your spiritual essence and develop new inner resources

  • Feel more at peace with yourself

  • Receive advice related to your life path and the challenges of your present life

  • Facilitate forgiveness of oneself and others

  • Identify your soul family

  • Know the role that certain people play in your life (agreement before incarnation) 

  • Understand the origin of deep and unexplained feelings

  • Communicate with your spirit guides

Cultivez la relation avec votre corps, car en comprenant son langage subtil, vous ouvrez la porte à une vie de bien-être et d'harmonie.
the course of a session:
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First contact: 

Following your appointment request, we exchange by email to identify your needs and set your goals.

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2 audio trainings: 

You will then receive 2 audio recordings of preparation for your session of regression hypnosis, to be listened to 3 to 5 times before the session. 

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Your session: 

A spiritual regression hypnosis session is quite long, around 2h30. To take full advantage of it, I recommend that you book a half day for yourself.

Parce qu'une pratique régulière des exercices aide à installer un équilibre durable,

je donne une fiche reprenant le déroulement de l'exercice à pratiquer après la séance.

Tarif : 125 $CA  / séance (1h)
(taxes incluses)
or tax

Le sophrologue n'a pas la prétention de diagnostiquer, de traiter ou de guérir. Il ne remplace pas les médecins et psychologues agréés.

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