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happiness is a child's play

HOW does IT WORK ?

Pedohypnosis is a brief therapy that playfully accompanies children from 7 to 14 years old in developing self-esteem, managing their emotions, learning, anxiety or behavioral disorders (nightmares, enuresis, opposition ...).


Pedohypnosis is based on a natural faculty that children have: that of easily moving from the world of the imagination to reality. For example, if your child's arm is scratching because of eczema, he can learn to relieve his discomfort under hypnosis , simply by imagining he spreads a magic balm on his arm.


I use a variety of techniques with the children who come to consult me, to adapt to the specific needs of each one, depending on their age and personality:


• Visualization

• Imaginary stories

• Role games

• Positive reinforcement ...

Are CHILDREN receptive to hypnosis?

Yes ! Hypnotherapy is a technique that is very suitable for children. They have far fewer preconceived ideas or barriers than grown-ups.

Their overflowing imagination makes it very easy for them to access their unconscious through imaginary games and stories.

Some examples of what your child can work in hypnotherapy:

Anxiety / Nightmares / Enuresis / Fears / Allergies / Self-confidence / Self-esteem / Learning / Living better the separation of his or her parents…

Whether it takes place in an individual session or in a workshop, hypnosis cannot be practiced on people suffering from or having suffered from schizophrenia or psychosis.
Thank you for your understanding!
Tarif :95 $CA  / séance (taxes incluses)
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