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Unite with oneself

HYPNO yoga?

Hypno-Yoga is a technique that I created for people wishing to install a practice of personal development in their daily life. Hypno-yoga is  an innovative approach that combines the techniques and benefits of Hatha Yoga and hypnosis .

Regular Hatha Yoga practice allows you to find  balance and harmony between body and mind. Then the power of concentration develops which leads to "Self-realization."

Sri Ananda in his book Yoga, Harmony of body and mind  writes that "Man then attains his full development".

The various postures gradually return to the practitioner confidence in his body. He will become aware of his possibilities and his blockages. Therefore, as the body evolves, the mind will evolve. By combining hypnosis with Hatha Yoga, I accelerate the process of change towards a more calm and harmonious life.

The teaching of Hypno-Yoga always takes place in 5 stages:


• Mindful breathing

• Warming

• Asanas

• Pranayama and / or Mudras

• Hypnotic suggestions or metaphors

Yoga à la maison
To whom is it addressed

Hypno-Yoga classes are for anyone over the age of 14 wishing to take care of themselves and find inner harmony. The yoga postures taught are beginner's level , so there is no need to have previously practiced yoga or hypnosis to register.

Also a Hatha Yoga teacher , member of the Francophone Yoga Federation. I created Hypno Yoga ,  an innovative approach that combines the techniques and benefits of Hatha Yoga and hypnosis .  


Because the evils of the soul also have their imprint on the level of the body,  Hypno-Yoga classes  gradually and sustainably accompany you towards change.


Price: $ 105 / session (taxes included)

Whether in an individual session or in a workshop, hypnosis cannot be practiced on people  suffering or having suffered from schizophrenia or psychosis.
Thank you for your understanding!
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