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The objective of
The workshop
"I am free
stress "?

Animated by Laurence Rimokh, hypnotherapist and Hatha Yoga teacher, this double 1,5-hour workshop introduces you to hypnosis techniques known for their efficiency. It was specially created for people who want to free themselves from the weight of stress and regain control of their lives with serenity, confidence and lightness.


The objective of the "I release myself from stress" workshop is to help you:

  • Relax, whatever the circumstances

  • Look at the future in a positive way

  • Connect with your inner resources to move forward in life with serenity, confidence and optimism.

in two sessions of 1,5h,
this workshop gives you concrete tools, recognized for their efficiency.
In the program :

  • Tension release technique

  • Introduction to self-hypnosis, to learn how to relax in just a few seconds

  • Receive hypnotic suggestions to lower your stress level, improve the quality of your sleep, and better manage pressure.

  • Change in anticipation mode

Also included:
  • A workshop preparation recording

  • A workshop summary booklet

  • Recording of 2 hypnosis sessions to practice all year round

  • A space for sharing experience after the training, via a private Facebook page


$ 120 + taxes / person

Whether in an individual session or in a workshop, hypnosis cannot be practiced on people suffering from or having suffered from schizophrenia or psychosis.
Thank you for your understanding!
This workshop is also offered to companies. Its content can be adapted to the specific needs of your employees. contact me to find out more.
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