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WHAT IF ONE DAY COULD CHANGE your whole life? 

Certification training
access barS ®

Is it you  ever wished for something to change in your life? A relationship, fears, your money flow? And yet, despite your best efforts, you have  not got the change you  did you know somewhere to be possible?

What if one day could change the rest of your life? What if creating new possibilities and happiness was easy, once you  lay out  the right toolbox to make a difference?


It is this toolbox that the  Access certifying training day  Bars® allows you to discover.

access barS ®
how does it work?

Access Bars ®  is a set of 32 points on the head that when lightly touched stimulate positive changes in the brain and defragment the electromagnetic components of stress, thinking and emotions. This gentle and non-invasive technique frees physical and mental blocks stored in the body and facilitates greater ease in all areas of life.

what will you learn during this training?
  • Tools and techniques to create change in all  desired areas of life

  • A manual full of questions, techniques

  • How to “activate” the bars; you will recieve  2 Bars® sessions ​ ​ and give 2.​

Who Should Attend ?
The  benefits of having the Bars "activated"  ?

● FUN, PEACE, JOY & EASE in every aspect of your  life.

●  The  people  Where  situations  Who  you  disturbed  born  are more problematic.

● Easier for children and adults in SOCIAL situations,  SCHOOL and EMOTIONAL.

There are no prerequisites - just the willingness to learn something new. After completing the class, you will be  qualified to give Access Bars to others, which may include your family, friends and / or clients (8 CEUs are available for Massage Therapists - applicable for US only).


$ 370 ($ 185 if repetition and 16 to 18 years old;

free 15 years and under if accompanied by an adult)

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